Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here we go again

Dancer is now sick. i don't know exactly what is wrong with her but she is limping. I have a vet appointment at 3:30. i am hoping it is just arthyrtis (sp) and an easy fix of some anti inflamatories. i know it don't help with Bailey always wanting to play. then i went to chase after bailey cuz she peed on the floor and to toss her out on her butt which caused Dancer to get excited and wrenched something that was already sore. Anyway, I am looking at this with an open mind. And while i don't want to loose my Dancer, I don't want to go through what we did with Lady. Also it got me thinking that when she does eventually die on us, i don't want her ashes. i know my dh was attached to Lady and I am to Dancer but not so much that I want her on my mantle. I mean shoot. My cat went off to die and I didn't shed a tear. Some may think that heartless but i had him since 92. he was OLD. he spent the last 8 or so years by my mom. She told me he went off and didn't come back so he went off to die. Cats do that and while I am heart broken, it is just life. I would have liked him to go to sleep gently but i wasn't there and i told my mom to let me know and I will send her money to put him to sleep. But I don't think my dh can handle another death. so please pray it is something simple and easily fixed. I will update this post later. her appointment is at 3:30


she is ok, i got some meds to help her with her joints. a suppliment of sorts. then pain meds for her when she needs them. other than that she is healthy and has no signs of anything else. they said it could be lymes but i don't think so.


Mamawheelie said...

Glad to hear she's going to be alright.