Monday, February 23, 2009

seasons of Wisconsin

Living in Wisconsin you get the full effect of all the seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. When you have one season you long for the next and so forth. So when you are braving the bitter cold of winter after so many days you start looking forward to Summer and so on. But the thing about Wisconsin (or any other state in the area) is the Tease. The weather teases you and then draws back. Back around Feb 7th, we had 40 degree weather. But apparently someone thought it would be a funny joke and sent snow the other day. I right now just want it to warm up. I am sick of the white stuff, i had my fill and now i am done. I am sick of the below zero wind chills. I am sick of being cooped up cuz it is just so cold. I want to go back to excercising at the Centre. I want to be able to take a walk if i want. I am feeling like a fat cow and it is disgusting me. If it was just me then i would just go but i just am sick of bundling up my 3 year old and go out. It is so much work, got to put on the winter coat, only to find it fell on the floor and the cat peed on it. then grab the other coat and that one you need a hat with, then the boots, oh wait she don't want boots, she wants shoes, or she want her brown fashion boots. while I am longing for the day when i can say "put your shoes on" and she will go put on her crocs herself. just seems like alot of work to drive to excercise, so i stay home. And i know there will be a time when Summer is in it's grips and I will be saying "man why is it so it ever going to cool down." I think this is why there are 4 seasons, Spring and Fall are those transition seasons. of the seasons I think Spring is my favorite, the grass is growning and the birds come back. then comes Fall with the falling of the leaves. Anyway, right now I am in a winter funk. More snow looks like is expected on Thursday. You can't see it but I am so jumping for joy about that. oh and you may ask, why don't I move to a state that gets spring and fall like temps all year round or less summer and less winter. Truth be told. I LOVE WISCONSIN. I was born here and my family all live here. This is my state and I couldn't see us leaving. when my dh found a job in the Twin Cities. and we were looking at moving. i told him look at towns on the wisconsin side.