Monday, January 10, 2011

Scrapbooking and babies

I haven't done it in awhile. Last time was November. I have all this stuff around me but I just don't have the creative juices flowing like I use too. It use to be November crop i could do 22 pages for the weekend and now I am lucky if i get 5 done. I have to get scrapbooking before my kids get too old and the pictures i take I forget the story behind them.

and on to the baby portion. It has happened. Samantha told me yesterday that she wants another girl in the house. Poor thing. Momma can't have no more babies and all she wants is a sister. I don't think dh would even think about going the adoption route for her and I don't think my sanity could take another child. I hope she finds some really good girlfriends in school. or maybe that we can someday move closer to 'home' and she can bond with her cousins.

though in a few years she will be older and we can do scrapbooking together.


mousekemom said...

I feel your pain. Maggie hates being the only girl, until you point out that another girl means sharing all her stuff and her space. She will always have the privilege of having her own room, no hand-me-down clothes, etc. She also gets lots of girly privileges...trips to the salon, etc. She perked up quick on that! She fears what the bros will do when she starts dating! LOL Your little lady will come around.