Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Past- Caddy Vista Elementary

This year is our 20 year reunion. It has been 20 years since I graduated high school. This has stirred up alot of all fond memories from the past. I enjoyed school. I may not have got the best grades and i wasn't a popular girl and i was kinda considered the FAT friend. But we had a blast. I also joined a group on Facebook for my elementary school. Oh the times we had back then. Field Day on the last day of school where we had teams and did games and competed. It is sort of similar to my kids Sports Day but we competed as a team in relays and various other things. If i recall right we got ribbons at the end. I remember one field day and if i was back at the school i could show you exactly where it was that i was doing some game and I got a fish hook in my knee. We had a Tire climber made out of old car tires and it was the bomb. it was just 6 tires that made a cube and there was 3 cubes connected. then the monkey bars on ASPHALT. The Huge car innertube with a rope tied to it that we used in the Winter to pull kids along. Pizza day was AlWAYS on Wednesday. The little store that I would sneak off campus after i got off the bus to buy penny candy. The Teachers. My kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Sorenson, i think she left the year after. I remember getting in trouble and having to put my head down for most of the class (half day kindy) the blow up letter people. My 3rd grade teacher was Mrs. Ortel. she liked hippos. and i would go to the other 3rd grade class room for reading (i was in advance reading) Mardi Gras in the Spring. the games, the cake walk. we have a large family and the cake walk was musical chairs and when most of the people playing are your family. you are sure to win. I remember alot of stuff from elementary. It was like yesterday. i can remember the smell of the hall. the look of the floor. Santa's secret workshop where you could buy little gifts. The school has been shut down and now all the kids in the Caddy Vista district go to other school. It was bitter sweet as my whole family went there and once niece also. 7 kids. Some of the teachers taught all 7 of us too. Mrs Peterson was the secretary and she was there through all of us. I been wondering if my kids are going to have fond memories of school like I have. Are they going to sit and remember all they use to do. I don't know. it was a different time back then. Back when kids use to play and be outside all the time.

Some teachers i remember. Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Goltz, Mr Sabaka (he was the only male teacher in our school) Mrs. Dresden (gym, ah the parachute and dodgeball) Mrs Booker, Mrs. Putnam

I will save Middle school and high school for another post