Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Monthly Cramping

OK so a few years ago I had a uterine ablation in hopes to help cure me of the Gol Awful heavy Cycles. While some have no return of their periods. Some have lighter periods and some it don't work at all. My cycle when from uber Heavy and clotting to 1 day with no clotting. I was OK with that. As the year went on it went from 1 day to 2 days and again I am OK with that. The cramping though is insane. I have to take pain pills (600-800mg of Advil) and keep on it before it wears off. I am like this for a day - day and a half. It is awful. this last time the Advil only took the edge off. So before our insurance changes (for the worse) I wanted to get a lay off why I am cramping. My bleeding has also gone to one day flow, dry next day, one day flow to dry. Sometime there will be a pop and i know to run to the bathroom as I know a gush will happen. I am incapastitated those days I am broken. I did discuss my cramping with the OB who did my ablation and she told me nothing of the following. I wish I would have known this a year ago, I might have done this sooner and had more time to try other things. As it is now. I have 3 months. before our insurance changes for the worse. So here are my options. Option 1. try the NuvaRing. sometimes it helps with the bleeding and cramping. Sometimes it don't. But to know if it will work I will have to be on it for 3months. but if it don't work I am back to square one with a crappy insurance and I won't be able to do option 2. Option 2- Partial Hysterectomy. They will remove the offending uterus either vaginally, laparoscopicly or through my current c section scar. I am leaning for the first 2 as there is minimal recovery and with the last i will be restricted for 6 weeks. Though all 3 don't scare me as I have had three C sections. So it looks like I will be doing option 2. I am just kinda wishing she would have removed it during my last c/s. If i would have known all this a year ago when i talked to Dr. Ritter I would have tried the nuva ring FIRST and had more time to try things. :(