Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"I am staying home today. I don't feel good"

that is what my husband just said to me. I wish as a mom i could say that. I wish when i don't feel good i could stay in bed and do nothing but sadly I can't. But i hate it when he stays home unexpected cuz there is things i do when he goes to work. Today i want to vacuum the loft and shampoo it. but he is sleeping in the other room. it is also bath day for the kids and i like to give a kid a bath in the big tub (master bath) and the boys bathroom to kill 2 kids with one stone. He is in the bedroom and he don't like the kids using the master bathroom. "man Flu" yeah we know how it is. they are such big babies. top of that i was watching Pretty Little Liars upstairs and would love to continue but i can't if he is in there taking over the room cuz you know he make comments throughout. not to mention he has been sleeping all day which means he is going to be up all night and that usually means him watching tv while i sleep. wouldn't be that much of an issue if he did it downstairs and not in the bedroom