Friday, January 22, 2010

Lost my scrappin chi.

i don't know where it went but i just am having a hard time scrappin. i wonder if it is cuz this room is so closed in for me. i need more room. but won't be able to do that until i clean out the basment and move the playroom down there. who knows when that will be.

It also don't help that the kids are in here all the time. on the computer. they have thier own computer but it is now with out a keyboard cuz C ruined mine. also the one i stole is getting ruined. i don't know how they can go through so many keyboards. ok i know, cuz C don't listen to me when i say NO FOOD AND NO DRINK. Also H don't like the kids computer cuz it is too SLOW.

My plan is to move the playroom down stairs. my scrap stuff into the dining room (playroom) and then move H into the den. but dh's plan would be move me to playroom and him to den. and H and sleep with S. how long is that going to last. S is a girl and H is getting older. C can't sleep in a room with other people cuz he gets too riled up and S and H will laugh at him and C will continue. We need a 4 bedroom house. but other than the basment. there really is no where to expand to and no one to help expand it. or money to hire someone.

As for C. he is in need of an up in his meds. we have an appointment on Monday for that. H is doing better with homework. At least this is what he has been telling me. no tummy aches so i think he is telling the truth. S still isn't potty trained and i told her we are going pee on the potty when she turns 4. so she has a couple weeks

but that is pretty much it.