Monday, January 25, 2010

How can everyone afford it?

I beginning to feel resentful. WHY you say. while i live in a nice house and have 3 ok children. I see parents with better children than me. How do they do it? I have lost control some how some where. Also trips. i see people on my mommy boards or Facebook, going on trips, weekends at Disney, Weeks at Disney, Cruises and trip here and trips there. I will most likely never see Disney ever. i would love to go on a cruise or to disney. i think my kids would have a blast. I want to go to Lego Land but not going to happen. I can't even afford to go to Wisconsin Dells. and then i see some mommies spending $200 for a carseat, $400 for a stroller. WHAT THE HECK? why would you do that? I have a careseat for Sam, cost me $45, him what can i do with the $150 i saved. put it away for a trip to Disney. Yeah right don't i wish. Course this is coming from a person who is trying to come up with a way for me to get some more Copic Markers. those markers aren't cheap $5-$8 a pop for one marker but they are soo much fun. Shoot thinking about it, i paid $200 for my cricut expression and it does give me way more pleasure than a carseat any day. oh another splurg i would love is some Shape up Sketchers but that still isn't as much as a carseat or a trip to Disney. Oh and then you hear from those same mothers who dish out the dough on pricey strollers and carseats only to hear 'my child don't like to drive in the car" or "she hates the stroller" so much for your fancy baby gear huh?