Thursday, July 30, 2009

Living with ADHD

Well living with a child with ADHD isn't a walk in the park. Lately it has been a walk down a walk covered with tacks. We are off schedule and it is not working. tomorrow I will have to get C up when i get up. as much as i enjoy my quiet time while kids are sleeping, i enjoy my sanity more. i need to get him taking his pill at a normal time. Right now i am trying to find a cabinet lock that will work on my side by side frig. Why you may ask? Cuz of Camden. I would love to go to sleep without worrying is he going to go down stairs and take the milk out to make his own strawberry milk after i told him no more. only to either leave the milk out, leave the frig open or waste so much milk and strawberry mix to get the right flavor. Or how about sneaking in the frig (had to done a sneak as i was right there in the living room and didn't hear a thing) to take out FIFTEEN eggs and proceed to crack them all over the playroom, desk, keyboard and little hall. This just after replacing a keyboard on my main computer. The results is me having a breakdown and all kids loosing privliges to the computers. I am missing an H key becuz of camden and his eating crap by my computer which caused something to get stuck and me pulling it off wrong and breaking the plastic clip. I may let Hunter play the computer for an hour a day if he stays in my room with door locked and only after he does some chore first. i will get a new keyboard in a month for when the kids start school and Hunter will probably need it but not till then. The other day i went to water fitness only to come home to a loaf of bread eaten. a WHOLE LOAF. I just bought it the day before. Today i was going to run out and get some stuff from Sam's club but after the egg thing there was no way i could go out and leave them with their dad sleeping and there was no way i was taking Camden out. He just don't think before he acts. when he has his meds he is fine but in those dreaded hours of coming on or going off them. it is crazy. this morning it was just after he got his pill so it hadn't kicked in yet. I should have had a clue when i caught him at age 2 on the table with hot sauce spilled all over. at the time i thought scrapbook moment. but i think that was the beginning of the end for me. i also can't fill the dog continuous water dish cuz it never fails that after i do, someone comes and fills the bowl with dog food. LIFE sucks somedays. Oh and shortly after the egg thing Camden comes down stairs (sent him to his room) and says " i love you momma" as he gives me a hug. there are days i could throttle him and then he goes and pulls that. Sigh what can you do