Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kids and homework

Homework stresses me out. Part of me is of the thinking that it is their responsiblity to do their homework and get it done without me standing over them. the other part is to stand over them and get it done. But the older boy don't listen to me when I tell him that i don't care if he did it at school i want the homework to come home in the homework folder so i can see it and make sure it is done. I also don't understand the agenda. i don't know what is due what isn't due. I tell them no computer until it is done but then they say "it is done i did it at school" well yeah how am i suppose to know you didn't bring it home. then bam report card time. D's and F's. WTH Testing scores come back ADVANCED in reading and math. well then dude why are you getting D's and F's.

My problem is also that i don't stick with the punishment. Why cuz then i am punished as well.

I hate homework. I wish they would outlaw it.