Tuesday, August 10, 2010


there is tension in the house. of course it is cuz of money. and the man takes it out on the person closest to him. ME. apparently i am a disappointment. cuz why, I am not skinny. Well buddy neither are you. but i don't let you know that everyday. do i sit and watch episode after episode of shows cuz there is a hot dude in there. Nope! Sure i admire the male form. but i keep it to myself. I don't ask you "why can't you look like him" nope. Also Marble isn't ugly. i tried to talk to you about my reason on having her. the things running through my head but you shot me down. How can i talk to you about things if that is the response i get? i know they payment is due for the dishwasher before the 0% is over. i understand there is alot on your plate. but Talk to me instead of scolding me as a child. i can't take this emotional moods and you taking it out on me. i am not a disappointment. I have one year till i can get a job. you can thank your lucky stars i am not a normal girl. who likes fancy cloths, shoes and jewlery.