Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ablation update

I was done about 9:30-10. i could have gone home at 11 but they called my cell number to tell dh and well it was dead in my bag and I thought they called dh's and so by the time I tried dh it was already like 1 something.
Anyway it went ok, i am hoarse from the tube that was in my throat. i won't know the full result until 4 wks when i see my ob, but she said in her report (didn't speak to ob only what i learned from nurses via report) that my uterus was normal size inside, she did a d&c and then the ablation. no mention of polyps. I had some discharge in hospital that i felt when i coughed cuz of the tube, then mild cramping like AF cramping. those have since went away on advil. but my head. OUCH. i have a serious headache and am counting down the clock for bedtime. I been up since 4am. I only got like maybe 5.5hrs sleep. I seriously meant to get to bed early but the minute I started to sleep the dog barks at something. (i think it was camden)
I was nervous but mostly about the General i was going to be under. i haven't had that since my wisdome teeth at age 18. then when they mentioned tube, i freaked more. but i got to the OR, laid down, they put a warm blanket and that was all i remember. next thing I had a mask on and they were telling me that coughing is good cuz of the tube and how i was feeling.
I have had some light spotting. but all in all I am good. Praying that I am going to be one of the bloodless. but even if it is lighter i will be happy

Super tired right now and hoping bedtime is soon. feeling a bit warm but it could be cuz i was just out in the cool breeze to help my headache